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Retail and E commerce Statistics

Transparency is key. There isn't a magic-bullet when it comes to successful retail — what works for one business, might not work for yours. However, we provide industry-leading tools and expertise to help your business along the way to becoming sustainable, manageable and profitable.

Here are some statistics from our retail and ecommerce platform, which show the growth of Citrus-Lime's industry-leading retail software and services due to continued confidence in their ability to facilitate success for our customers.

Our own success can only be achieved through the success of our customers, so we're in it together and that mutual success is our top priority.

Yearly Customer Revenue

Yearly Online Orders (Qty)

Data collated and accurate as of April 2018.

Google Shopping Statistics

In 2017, we helped to generate £10.5m in online sales for our managed campaign customers.

Let's take a look at our stats so far in 2018.

0 of Revenue generated

0 Avg. Return on investment

Data collated and accurate as of Apr. 2018.

Email Campaign Statistics

Email marketing is widely regarded as the best form of marketing communication online — and it's constantly getting smarter. As part of ongoing, managed ecommerce design services, we provide advanced email automation and email campaigns with a strong seasonal narrative.

Here are some statistics from our managed email campaigns.

0 of direct revenue generated

0 Orders placed

0 Average order value

0 Emails delivered

0 Open rate

0 Total reach

Data collated and accurate as of Apr. 2018.

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