Making it easy for them to find what they’re looking for so they can breeze through the checkout process is key. After all, none of us like hunting for items or dealing with uncertain stock availability.

The option to click and collect is generally considered an add on to the delivery service. While it is, indeed, a great addition to your online offer, you can easily put people off if a product isn’t available.

If the customer only finds out you’re out of stock after they’ve gone all the way through the checkout process, it’s an easy way to frustrate them and lose the sale.  

To counteract this, Cloud POS Click & Collect flips the script on the process. It makes click and collect available from the get-go. And, because it’s synced with your live stock positions, as soon as shoppers start browsing your site, it tells them upfront whether an item is in stock.

If the customer can see a product’s available at the start of a search, there’s less chance they’ll bounce off your site, which increases your chance of converting the sale.

If an item isn’t available, Cloud POS Click & Collect will show customers when it will be. If you’ve more than one store, it shows which of your locations does have it ready for pickup. So, no overselling or disappointing customers by promising stock you don’t have.

With Cloud POS Click & Collect, you’ll not only boost your online sales, but you’ll keep customers happy too. Intrigued? Drop your details into the contact form and we’ll give you a call to explain more.