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Online giants aren't round the corner from their customers like you are. They just can't offer the same level of convenience and customer service that you can.

This hands a great big advantage to your local independent retailer. Here's how to cash in on that gift.

Give your customers another reason to buy from you

As long as your products are visible (find out more on that here) then you're in prime position for customers to find what they want.

Research shows that 49% of Click & Collect shoppers make unintended purchases whilst in the shop. That's a significant bump in sales that would have been missed without Click & Collect.

Bell and Howell

Click & Collect makes it easy for them to swing by on their lunch break or as they travel home, knowing that you've got exactly what they need, ready for them.

More advantages:

Increase number of people coming into your shop

Take the opportunity to sell more as online customers collect their order

Get to know your online customers

Give online customers extra value with your expert advice

Offer that premium customer service that customers will remember

Build customer relationships and loyalty

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