Patience is not something I'm known for.

I like running because walking takes too long, and when I've chosen my next purchase I want it as soon as I can - I'm not waiting 'til next week.

Are you similar? Perhaps there are those who will wait, but the majority are like us, excited to get our new gear.

Shoppers now have so much choice about where to buy from, it really is a consumer's game.

Customers decide where to shop based on what they value. Price does come into it, but so do many other things:

Customer service

Brand loyalty

Supporting independents

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Delivery options

One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing between retailers is the delivery options available.

Research shows that "58% of global consumers have purchased from one retailer's website over another because of their delivery options".

Customers care about when they can get their stuff. So here's the key question - are your delivery options attracting customers?

If not, it's a straightforward way to attract customers to your ecommerce website over a competitor.

Offering multiple delivery options can mean more work when your processing orders, logging into different couriers and retyping delivery addresses, unless you've got Citrus-Lime Courier Integration Module.

The amount of time that can be saved with Courier Integration Module is seriously impressive, allowing you to do the whole process in one window. Fully-integrated with Citrus-Lime Ecommerce and Cloud POS, you can eliminate the need to retype every address and significantly increase the speed of order processing.

Find out more about Courier Integration Module here

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