With Cloud POS, your local stock positions are fully integrated so you can avoid over selling, cancelled orders and perhaps, most importantly, disappointed customers. You can keep tabs on stock, setting re-order alerts when things run low so that you always meet your customers’ expectations.

Citrus-Lime’s Supplier Integration Module (SIM) helps you manage your stock by importing live supplier data straight in to Cloud POS. Listing your products happens at the push of a button, helping you quickly add stock to your system and without having to look up item data yourself.

Equally, as shopping starts online these days, it’s important to know that your ecommerce site it fully optimised and that the products pages contain all the information your customers need to make that purchase. Providing detailed, live stock positions on your website means your customers can shop with you any time day or night.

The pain point with ecommerce comes with listing all that information on your website. It’s an awful lot of work that takes many, many hours of searching for individual item data and even more time inputting the info manually.

Fortunately, AutoSIM does all this for you. As soon as you book your stock in, AutoSIM automatically activates product pages on your ecommerce site without you having to do anything. Each product page has been optimised for search and contains:

  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Tech specs
  • Images

We recently ran a webinar on AutoSIM. If you missed it, or you want to watch it again, you can do so by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you want to speak to someone about how Cloud POS, Supplier Integration or AutoSIM can help you make running your business more manageable, give us a call.