We've already explained from a top-level point of view what makes a great point of sale system. In this article, we explain why Citrus-Lime Cloud POS is the best point of sale system for Outdoor Sports Shops.

Twinned with our knowledge, is the software itself. Citrus-Lime Cloud POS has been created from the ground-up. We've taken feedback from over a decades' worth of customers and produced a point of sale system we are truly proud of ... and it's packed with features designed to help independent Outdoor Sports Shops succeed.

Aside from our software, it's our team that really stands us apart from the crowd. We're all active individuals who regularly escape to the great outdoors and at some point in our careers, several of us have worked in the outdoor industry — in some capacity. So it's fair to say we've gained some important knowledge of the outdoor sector.

Supplier Integration

In a nutshell, Supplier Integration can quickly import products from suppliers and check supplier stock and sell from the supplier both in-store and online as a sort of pseudo-warehouse.

It's all designed to make your life easier as a retailer, allowing you to spend time on the things that matter.

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Integrated Ecommerce

Ecommerce affords the independent Outdoor Sports Shop a platform to grow and reach customers outside their local catchment area. In todays climate, ecommerce is a necessity. The majority of shopping experiences start online and having the ability to showcase products is essential.

It's fully integrated with Citrus-Lime POS, meaning products are uploaded to the site automatically (ready to buy with a few clicks with Supplier integration) and customers can check stock levels for each product (and size/attribute) at your store(s), place the order to Click and Collect and use our finance offering to make more products achievable with their "spend today" budget.

Citrus-Lime Ecommerce

Cloud Reports

Cloud Reports is a powerful and free tool which accompanies our POS system. We've tailored all our reports around all the feedback we receive, which gives you access to revelant, actionable, data regarding your sales and inventory performance.

Identify key areas of the business such as your most profitable channel or department to make informed decisions. Optimise stock turn, maximise achieved margin to increase profits and stay ahead of the curve. Innovate and use your reports to drive your business forward.

Cloud Reports