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Simple tools that take the worry out of falling behind

Jane Kinsley | December 2021

As a busy independent retailer, you’ll understand how competitive retail has become. Ecommerce giants have disrupted the market and technology is changing the way people shop.

Retail Advice

Convenience: the future of online shopping

Jane Kinsley | October 2021

According to market and consumer data provider, Statista up to 87% of UK households made online purchases in 2020 – the highest rate in the past 11 years. The swell of activity is testament to how the internet is now the driving force behind shopping intention.

Cost-effective customer loyalty
Retail Advice

Cost-effective customer loyalty

Jane Kinsley | October 2021

As an independent retailer, you’ll appreciate how difficult it can be to acquire new customers. Running promotional campaigns to attract them to your store can be expensive, let alone the time and effort they involve. And, even when you do acquire them, there’s no guarantee they won’t just be one-off shoppers.

Retail Advice

Avoid disappointing customers

Jane Kinsley | September 2021

Disappointed customers are not good for business. When they can’t buy what they want from you because you don’t have it in stock or they don’t know when it will be available, they lose faith and shop elsewhere. That’s why it’s so important to be on top of your inventory so you never miss that sales opportunity.

Retail Advice

Choice, not cash, is king

Jane Kinsley | July 2021

Customers nowadays want – and expect – to have access your products any time day or night. They don’t want to be restricted by opening times, the availability of an item or difficulty getting hold of it.

Retail Advice

Entice shoppers back to your store

Jane Kinsley | June 2021

Customers who buy from you time after time is every retailer’s dream, but getting them to do it is a tough call. While some customers will be loyal to you, others can be more price driven or choose to shop wherever they can get their items from in the shortest amount of time.

Retail Advice

SIM: Game Changing Product Listing Technology

Ben A | May 2021

Supplier product data can vary wildly and changes continuously. There’s no uniform layout and information and images can often be missing.

Retail Advice

Joined up thinking for an End-to-End Retail Solution

Jane Kinsley | April 2021

Juggling the day-to-day commitments of running a business whilst maintaining a work/life balance can be tricky.

Retail Advice

Increase footfall and drive sales with Click & Collect.

Cate B | March 2021

People used to talk about two distinct types of shopping; online or in-store. Internet retailers and bricks and mortar retailers were judged to be two separate sides of retail, competing for the same customers.

Retail Advice

Save time and sell more

Cate B | January 2021

Whether you’ve been rushed off your feet with unexpected demand, managing with reduced staff or looking for different ways to engage your customers, there are lots of challenges for independent retailers right now… and it’s not like there was a load of spare time to begin with!

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