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Retail Advice

Building Profits through Loyal Customers

Jane Kinsley | June 2023

While attracting new customers is important, the real value lies in developing loyal customer base. That’s because acquiring new customers can be both expensive and challenging.

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Retail Advice

Drive online sales with better product data

Jane Kinsley | May 2023

Websites are big business for retailers. A good site can be profitable and with so many people shopping online now, it’s a crucial extra revenue stream.

Woman in an outdoor shop collecting items for a click & collect customer
Retail Advice

Everything you need to make work easier

Jane Kinsley | April 2023

As an independent retailer you’ve a lot on your plate. You have to manage stock levels, keep your website updated, arrange special orders and encourage customers to come back. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Retail Advice

Drive online sales with Click & Collect

Jane Kinsley | March 2023

When it comes to your website, the easier you can make it for customers to buy your products, the easier it is for you to make more money.

Retail Advice

Loyal customers build profits

Jane Kinsley | February 2023

It’s always good to get new customers, but the real value lies in those shoppers who keep coming back.

Photo of a person working on a computer in a bike store
Retail Advice

Make ecommerce easy

Jane Kinsley | January 2023

Shopping online is more popular than ever, so making sure you’ve got a great website is key to increasing profits.

Retail Advice

EPOS, Stock Control & Ecommerce in one simple platform

Jane Kinsley | December 2022

As an independent retailer, we understand you’re busy. You’re the sales assistant, manager, marketing department, stock control manager and business owner. Doing these jobs (and more) can be difficult if you’re tracking progress across different systems.

Retail Advice

Click & Collect for more online customers

Jane Kinsley | November 2022

With only a couple of months to go before Christmas, the number of online searches for gifts will be picking up. Making sure you’ve got your stock in front of customers at the point when they’re ready to buy is vital to making a sale.

Retail Advice

Keeping it loyal

Jane Kinsley | October 2022

New customers are always great for business, but acquiring them can be an expensive and time consuming process. Moreover, data suggests that around 60% of the shoppers you sell to won’t become a repeat customer, so it can often be a case of money (and time) not so well spent.

Retail Advice

Time waits for no man. Neither do online sales

Jane Kinsley | September 2022

With more people than ever shopping online, it’s important for your website to be the best it can be. After all, a good website can significantly increase your online sales.

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