With it, cycle shops can better manage admin around service and repair bookings. It also reduces the amount of time staff are out of the workshop dealing with customers.

Book My Bike In is currently free to bike shops using Citrus-Lime’s Cloud POS Workshop in the UK and Ireland. Linked through the website, it promotes the workshop facility and provides a great customer experience.

Generally, customers who need a bike service have to ring a store or call in to arrange to bring their bike in. This can be inconvenient if people are at work. Staff accepting those bookings have to ‘down tools’ to book the jobs in and take the details.

Customers using Book My Bike In complete the online process in five easy steps. After entering a postcode, the platform identifies the nearest workshops. Once selected, the customer chooses the service required from the list displayed. The next step is to opt for a date to drop the bike off. Entering contact details and any notes the bike shop should be aware of completes the process.

James Steel, Director at Citrus-Lime explained: “To a business, a ringing phone presents an opportunity. Picking up is not optional. But whatever the outcome, it can get in the way of the profitable work already taking place.

“Through Cloud POS, we seek to remove unnecessary steps from everyday processes and collaborating with our customers helps give us direction. Book My Bike In is an example of the fantastic partnership we have with our Cloud POS customers.

“As a consumer, I don’t remember the last time I had to make a call to book a table or a ticket. The future of workshop booking doesn’t involve making a phone call. Booking is only a function of securing a service; it’s not the service itself.

“Change is essential to meet modern customer service expectations. Book My Bike In makes it easy to adapt and deliver by simplifying the booking process for customers. In turn, it makes it easier for bike shops to pick up extra workshop jobs.

“I’m thrilled to see the hard work of my colleagues come to fruition. We already have over 100 bike shops offering services through Book My Bike In. I’m excited for the positive impact Book My Bike In predicts for the cycle industry.”