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If we could offer you a 20% uplift to your sales revenue, would you take us up on it? On average, that's the benefit a Click & Collect service adds to your bottom line.

As so many people shop online nowadays, it makes sense to provide a fast, hassle-free service that customers can use to pick up their purchases. In fact, most people who buy on the internet have come to expect it as part and parcel of their online shopping experience.

Offering Click & Collect has a direct positive impact on your business because it gives your customers choice. It also provides shoppers with a guarantee that an item will be available when they visit your store, avoiding the risk of a wasted journey. This promise means that customers who buy products from you, and pick them up at a time when it suits them, can only work in your favour.


The benefit to your bottom line

Although the fundamental purpose of Click & Collect is to provide a better customer experience, there's also a financial benefit for you. When customers come to collect their products, they tend to buy more while they're in your shop. Research carried out by Barclaycard found that as much as 85% of consumers buy additional items in-store when using Click & Collect. That can only be good news for you.


Built in convenience

Citrus Lime's Click & Collect facility is built in to its Ecommerce platform, making it easy to give customers that all important convenience and service. Not only that, because it's quick, simple and reliable, customers will be more likely to buy from you again. The knock on effect of making it easy to shop with you encourages customer loyalty which ultimately means more sales and satisfied customers. Happy days.


Click & Collect in a nutshell

To recap, Click & Collect allows you to:

  Bring more people to your store
  Increase sales and profits
  Encourage more purchases
  Cut out delivery costs
  Deliver fantastic customer service
  Inspire customer loyalty

Join the movement. According to data analytics and consulting company, Global Data, Click & Collect sales are forecast to account for 12.9% of online spend by 2023.


Click & Collect is a big part of our revenue. Huge.


To take advantage of this fantastic sales opportunity, call us now so that you can provide your customers with an easy way to shop so that you sell more.

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