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Cast your mind back to the days of Blockbuster, when VHS reigned supreme...

Roaming the aisles looking for film that everyone could enjoy, and desperately trying to remember to return it on time to avoid irritating late fees. Remember recording your favourite shows from TV on a blank tape? Or one you at least thought was blank. Of course, the most-loved tapes always suffered, deteriorating to a distorted picture and wobbly sound.

Then came DVDs, better, but not perfect. You open the case, only to find a scratched disc that won't play, or worse, no disc at all. Who borrowed that one last? It's easier just to buy it again than go on a wild goose chase.

Then came the cloud-based film services - the new kid on the block quickly turned into a trusted household name. They cracked the code, using cloud technology to offer the ultimate convenience to their customers. Whatever they want to watch, wherever they want to watch it, at affordable prices.

Powerful, flexible and affordable - it's a triple whammy.

VHS is the equivalent of using paper to record transactions and keep track of stock - just about does the job but can't handle too much. The equivalent of DVDs is that clunky POS that just doesn't quite do what you want it to. The level-up is Citrus-Lime Cloud POS. In the words of a Citrus-Lime customer it "exceeds expectations in every way".

Cloud POS is a powerful system with all the functionality you need right now, and the flexibility to adapt as your business grows.

Being cloud-based, it's affordable, even for modest budgets. The super slick system is user-friendly and so easy to use. It's designed by retailers, so you get all the advantages of cloud technology, with the practicality and expertise from years of retail experience.

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