Cate Barnes

Marketing Executive

The Unstoppable Rise of Click & Collect.

April was a record-breaking month with a massive 268% increase in Click & Collect orders compared to the same month last year.

This huge boost shows that consumers still place high value on being able to browse online and pick up items in their local shop, despite social distancing measures. The convenience and speed achieved by Click & Collect is a clear priority for shoppers, therefore should be for retailers too.

"Click & Collect has grown tremendously and is now an established expectation of today's consumers who browse online and want their chosen items pretty much immediately."

Click & Collect is the vital link between your Ecommerce website and physical shop. By drawing local customers who are browsing online into the shop, Click & Collect empowers retailers to serve their local community better, creating more opportunities to build relationships, and to add extra items to the sale.

Those extra items lead to a meaningful increase in Average Order Value. Add that to the money saved on delivery, and it's clear that Click & Collect helps retailers make more money. It also keeps your shop in the mind of your local customer, encouraging repeat visits and inspiring loyalty.

Real-time stock availability and location is crucial to making the most of the demand for Click & Collect. A Citrus-Lime Ecommerce site gives clear visibility of what your local customers can pick-up or look at when they visit your shop. Before they even put their shoes on, they know it's going to be a worthwhile trip.

A good Click & Collect service creates trust in your business, helping to inspire loyalty and build a loyal, local customer base.

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