Keep cash in your business

Retaining the customers you already have, however, can be far more effective. A customer loyalty scheme will help you do this. It not only allows you build a meaningful relationship with those who’ve shopped with you before, it also helps encourage repeat purchases, so reducing the reliance on discounting.

Customer Rewards, part of Cloud POS, helps you to avoid giving unnecessary discounts by offering customers money off future purchases. After their first transaction with you, customers earn points that equate to money they can redeem on their next purchase.

This helps you retain money within your business and keeps customers loyal to you because there’s always an incentive for them to shop with you again. You’re also able to develop the relationship by keeping in touch through monthly email statements advising customers of their points balance.

Because it’s built in to Cloud POS, Customer Rewards is easy to set up and Cost-effective to run. This means you can hold on to the money you would have spent on trying to attract new customers. We’ve seen this method of rewarding loyalty increase repeat business by at least 20%, helping you to keep more of the profit from every sale and lowering the cost of acquisition.

In essence, Cloud POS Customer Rewards is:

  • Easy to set up
  • Cost-effective to run
  • Cheaper than upfront discounting
  • Suitable to use in-store and online
  • A great way to stay in touch with customers

Customer Rewards is well worth it. The cost of acquisition of a new customer is high anyway, so if you’ve already got a customer and you give them 5% off their next purchase, it’s actually quite cheap acquisition. There’s a high usage of them and it’s very good. It helps build a brand.

Tom Bowden | Owner, Working Class Heroes

The British public love loyalty schemes. According to YouGov, nearly 80% of the population are members of one, so why not generate more sales the easier way? Get started with Cloud POS Customer Rewards and help your business keep moving forward.