Cate Barnes

Marketing Executive

Save time and sell more.

With the vast majority of the population seeking to browse online before buying or braving a trip out, it's never been more important to use Ecommerce as an effective window into your store.

Doing Ecommerce well can absorb a significant chunk of staff time spent on product admin. There are 3 time-gobbling but essential jobs that AutoSIM dramatically speeds up.

Having all your stock online.

An Ecommerce site with more than 95% of in-stock products listed will be much more effective than the same site with only 40% of in-stock products showing. Customers can't buy what they can't see.

Good product listings with complete information and images.

Providing all the relevant info and images builds trust in your offering and boosts conversion: people are more likely to buy what they can see and read about.

Getting new items online fast.

The sooner stock is online, the sooner you can sell it, meaning more sales coming in before the end of the season. This means less overhang of stock, less discounting, and better profitability.

"AutoSIM is brilliant - it's saving us a lot of time and is exactly what we want."

George Shipman - Thomas' Cycle Revolution

Citrus-Lime AutoSIM empowers Retailers to achieve effective Ecommerce without the hefty time requirement, leaving staff able to focus on other important work.

2 steps of Easier Ecommerce.

  1. Import complete, optimised product listings.
  2. Automatically activate items online.

Get started with AutoSIM.

There are an extensive number of Brands available on AutoSIM, with more than 40,700 individual product listings, ready to go live.

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