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Electronic PO*

*Electronic Purchase Orders

Shave time from your admin and give your cost price performance a cheeky boost.

Now Available with:

Using Cloud POS and the Supplier Integration Module, Electronic Purchase Orders can now be place directly with Giant, Cube and Trek.

It's not unusual to find that cost prices change in relation to how buy. For example, the price you pay when buying one item is often different to the price you pay for buying in bulk.

A change in the price you paid effects the Average Weighted Cost of your items and often results in your time being spent in front of a monitor, instead of with your customers, whilst you amend your data to make sure your stock valuation and profit margins are rElectronic POrted accurately.

Using Electronic POs, Cloud POS will communicate directly with your supplier's systems and ensure that you are getting accurate and up-to-date cost prices from your key suppliers.

Watch the tech-demo videos our Development Team have created or, if that's all a bit too Nerd, don't worry... get in touch with us and we'll walk you through this great new feature.

The Electronic Purchase Orders feature is delivered free to Supplier Integration Module users.

Raising Electronic POs and updating latest supplier cost price:

Updating a PO with latest supplier cost prices:

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