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It can cost a lot in marketing to "buy" a new customer.

Ideally, after their first experience buying from you they'll keep coming back to buy from you, without the big marketing spend. In reality, this doesn't always happen, but there is lots you can do to engage your customers and inspire loyalty.

When a loyal customer comes back into your shop, often the temptation is to show your appreciation for their custom by offering a discount. Unfortunately, that just eats away at your margin, and leaves the customer with more money that they can spend in any shop.

Once they've left the shop you don't have a reason to keep in touch with them. You've given them a lovely shopping experience, but not given them a reason to come back soon, unless you've promised the same discount next time!

Offering a discount has some big downsides, so you need a better alternative to attract those return customers.

Here it is:

Step 1: Offer a top customer experience.

Slick website that's easy and enjoyable to browse

Multiple payment options

Multiple delivery options

Courier Integration for fast despatch

Excellent Click & Collect

Gift vouchers

Star Buys

Step 2: Customer Rewards.

Customers earn points on purchases

Adds value without discounting

Gives them a strong reason to buy from you (and only you) next time

Enables you to keep in touch to keep your business fresh in their minds

Get in touch to find out more about Customer Rewards as part of Citrus-Lime Cloud POS and Ecommerce.

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