With all this to do and more, it can be hard work if you have to refer to several different systems to track everything.

With Cloud POS you can cut through the red tape. From one central platform, you can record your sales, manage your stock positions and stay on top of your website. It helps you run your business efficiently by making tasks faster and easier to complete.

Cloud POS enables you to oversee your live inventory in-store and on your Ecommerce site, so you don’t run out. And, because you needn’t worry about selling something in-store and it not being accounted for on your website, you can sell round the clock.

When it comes to getting hold of items, Click & Collect offers customers the convenience of picking them up when it suits. Click & Collect not only drives more online sales, it also encourages more footfall through your store.

As around 10% of shopping carts are abandoned due to a lack of payment methods, it’s good to know Cloud POS has a variety of payment options. Fewer discarded baskets mean more sales for you. Happy days.

And while gaining new customers is always great, Cloud POS Loyalty gives shoppers a reason to buy from you again. It reduces acquisition costs, builds a solid customer base and provides a great repeat shopping experience.

If you’re looking for intelligence, Cloud Reports gives you valuable insights. With it, you can make more informed decisions about your business, so you stay in control.

Cloud POS is a fast, accurate and affordable End-to-End Solution for your business. Sounds good? Get in touch to find out more.