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SIM: Game Changing Product Listing Technology

Supplier product data can vary wildly and changes continuously. There's no uniform layout and information and images can often be missing.

If you want the products you sell to look good on your website, it's down to you to research every item you stock, type up detailed descriptions, tech specs and include appropriate images. This isn't just a dull job, it's really time consuming too. Regardless, you need this information so your customers can be sure that what they're buying is the right product for them.

The Supplier Integration Module (SIM) makes the task of listing products easier and faster. It feeds supplier item descriptions straight in to Cloud POS at the push of a button. As you can imagine, the time savings can't be under estimated.


Add value for your customer

But it doesn't stop there. As a busy retailer, you'll know how important it is to be up to speed with supplier stock levels. Because SIM links in with Cloud POS, you've a direct connection to your suppliers, so you can easily manage special orders - great for adding value with the customer.

Your till system has been my extra arm during this crazy lockdown period and if I hadn't had SIM or a fully integrated system I would have given up and closed the shop... Your system saved me


Automatic product listings at the push of a button

If you have our Ecommerce, then AutoSIM is the solution for you. It populates listings with all the details you need to promote your products in the best light, saving you masses of time. These listings are more detailed and include information such as short and long descriptions, technical specifications, sizes, weights, colours and images.


Over 64,000 reasons to choose AutoSIM

We've partnered with a wide range of suppliers to fully optimise their product listings with all the detailed information you need to showcase your stock. If you want, you can also improve the listings further with your own information.

AutoSIM is a completely unique product developed by Citrus-Lime. To date, we've optimised over 64,000 products (and counting) across the cycling, equestrian and outdoor space. To help further, the optimised product data is in a format in keeping with Google to give you the best possible start in search results.

What all this boils down to is that consistent information across your website not only helps your customers, but it makes you look good too.

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