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Imagine if every time anyone in your local area wanted to buy an item you sell, they always bought it from you.

They know what you sell, what you have in stock and that they can get their new stuff whenever suits them. It sounds ideal: a strong, local and loyal customer base.

Obviously you can't guarantee to reach everyone or that they'll always buy from you, but you can get closer by making sure people know what you have in stock and by making it super convenient for them to shop with you.

The majority of transactions now begin online when people are either researching what they want to buy or finding out where is easiest for them to buy it. Answering your customers' questions quickly and clearly has always been part of providing good customer service, but now those questions are more frequently being asked online, rather than in the shop or over the phone.

Today, good customer service means answering those key questions online:


What have you got in stock, available to buy now?

Answering question 1 means exposing all your stock on your website alongside accurate stock positions. That means any potential customer can find what they're looking for and see that you've got it ready to buy right now. A surprising number of ecommerce sites miss this, despite it having a positive impact on both online and in-store sales.


How much is it?

Question 2 is pretty straightforward to answer. You can use Cloud Reports to set a smart sell price and help manage your Achieved Margin throughout the season.

Check out this video to learn more


Can I get it when and how I want?

The best way to answer question 3 is to give the customer lots of options. Offering various payment methods and delivery options, as well as Click & Collect means your answer to the customer's question is yes. This gives them even more reasons to buy from your shop, instead of somewhere else.

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