While it doesn’t apply to all, the product data provided by some suppliers can be patchy at best. This doesn’t lend itself to helping you display your stock in the best possible light. Without complete product details, customers can (and do) get frustrated because they don’t know whether the product they’re looking at online is the right one for them. If they’re trying to find information that’s not there, it’s highly likely they’ll leave your site to find it on another.

The difficulty

Of course, the simple answer is to make sure your website contains all the relevant data. The problem, however, is that collating data is a huge task. It can take hours – even days – to research and type up details for the products you sell. As a consequence, this is a job that often doesn’t get done because there just isn’t the time. Or the energy.

The solution

Cloud POS Supplier Integration makes life easier by activating products on your website automatically. As soon as you scan your stock in, Cloud POS will update your website pages with fully optimised product details. It’s as simple as that. No time wasted, no effort, no delays.

Comprehensive data

The information delivered through Cloud POS Supplier Integration contains short and long descriptions, colours, sizes, technical specifications and images. Basically, all the details customers need to make a purchasing decision. It also means that they can be found easily when ‘Googled’.

Make maximum profit

With products online straight away, you can make the most of selling when excitement is at its peak and customers are happy to pay full price. Your products are also available for longer during the season, reducing the prospect of discounting.

Get started

For more information about Cloud POS Supplier Integration, get in touch with our team so you can make ecommerce easy and profit more your website.

“Cloud POS makes a great deal of sense to show brands to their full potential, drive sales and save acres of time. Hats off to whoever’s idea it was. It feels like the future.”

Peter Sant – Director, Northern Field & Stream Ltd