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If you can cast your mind back to the pre-internet days of yore, consumer choice was pretty limited.

It was mostly a case of going to your local specialist shop and choosing from the product range available. Today, the range of options available to consumers is immense.

So how do you influence people to choose you?

Your local customers can now choose between a huge range of retailers, and can browse a lot of their product online using the phone in their pocket. If a shopper can't find what they're looking for on one site, they'll almost definitely be able to find it somewhere else.

More often than not, choosing where to buy boils down to good customer service - that means meeting the customer's needs and expectations, and providing the shopping experience they want.

When everybody's price is roughly in the same ball park, shoppers buy from retailers they trust, where they can choose their preferred payment method, delivery option or Click & Collect. It's all about convenience, what is easiest.

So how do you make sure you've got the right options to get those browsers coming to you and converting into buyers?

Show all your stock online so people can find your products

Show live stock positions, so people know they can get what they want without delay

Offer a good range of payment options

Offer a good range of delivery options

Offer a good Click & Collect option

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