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We've already looked at Weeks Cover and how important that is when you sell seasonal stock. (Check out the Video!)

Weeks Cover is really only half the story - the rest is all about Achieved Margin.

Using these two together is the key to increasing profits and growing in a sustainable way.

Simply put, Achieved Margin is your sell price, minus cost price. It essentially shows how much profit you're making out of that product, department or brand. Of course it's not that straightforward in seasonal retail!

When you first get your brand new stock in, it's going to be selling at a good margin because it's the beginning of the season. As time goes on the product's selling power naturally declines until sale time at the end of season, when products achieve a smaller margin.

Keeping an eye on your Average Achieved Margin helps you decide how much you can spend on promotion and when, to push the products that need it to keep sales flowing in your door.

In Citrus-Lime Cloud Reports you can easily keep an eye on your Average Achieved Margin and dial that down by Brand, Season and Department, using the Weeks Cover report to help you sell you seasonal stock at the right time, in order to get the best out of your investment.

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