But it isn’t just about having a good range of products on your website and nor is it about offering a variety of payment options. While they both offer a great online shopping experience, you also need to make sure customers can actually get hold of your products easily too.

This is where Click & Collect comes to the fore. It’s a really handy tool for customers to pick up their purchases in a way that fits around their lives. People are busy; they haven’t got time to keep popping back to store to see if what they want is in stock. By using Click & Collect, they can guarantee the product will be there when they go to pick it up. When they do, there’s a good chance they’ll make more impulse purchases on their way through store – so another opportunity to make a sale.

Cloud POS Click & Collect has been updated to include some cool features that promote your stock availability as soon shoppers search your website. After entering their postcode, they can see what’s available, where and when they can get it. It’s a great feature, regardless of whether you’re a multi-site or single store retailer because it means you’re able convert more sales.

Click and collect is growing massively. In the UK, it’s forecast to reach £10 billion in 2023 so the opportunity it presents can’t be ignored. We know it works; data shows that retailers using Cloud POS Click & Collect add 20% to their bottom line.

“Click & Collect is an expected part of having an impressive web offering. It’s reassuring to customers and reflects well on our business.”

Eamon Barrett, Director – Altitude