It's more than just straight up sales

I would wager that most retailers response to that question is "online sales", however, there is so much more to it than that. Straight up online sales are a big part of a successful Ecommerce website however, the real effect of an Ecommerce site can only be viewed on the bottom line; the overall business profitability.

I have been doing this job for longer than I care to say and as the years roll by, I am lucky enough to see a great many retailer businesses grow. The one thing they all have in common is an Ecommerce site, however they do differ in their use of it. Some drive sales through it by utilising every digital marketing tool in the box, and others will use it to support the bricks and mortar store. Both can be successful models, the important factor is that their stock is visible online for existing and potential customers to see.

Increase your store footfall

Ecommerce sites that do no sales are often considered a failure. However, looking at the overall retail business, there is often a correlation between sales increasing and the implementation of an Ecommerce site. The reason is that we all have easy access to the internet through our mobiles, tablets etc. so, we can look for products 24/7. When we have seen something we like we then look at the options we have to buy those products (when can I get my stuff). Namely; buy it online and get it delivered, Click and Collect it, or simply walk down to the shop and purchase it.

Ecommerce websites improve the quality of customers in store, because they have checked the website for the stock and then walk in to buy it, meaning your conversion rate is higher. Ask yourself and your friends how many of them just walk down to the shops to browse for products? I would argue that in this modern world when we are all super busy we only make journeys that are necessary - ones that will yield the result we actually want, i.e. guaranteeing the purchase we wanted to make.

It's a lot more cost effective to create an ecommerce site than it is to open another store and it has the potential to reach way more people, but more importantly it gives your customers the shopping experience they crave.

Grant Hadwin, Head of Sales & Marketing.

So, when you get your calculator out and try to gauge the success of your ecommerce site, or if you are thinking about getting one, make sure you think about the way people shop and deliver the options they need to buy from you.

Customer behaviour is changing and showing your stock as available to buy online is more important than ever. You have to make your store fit your customers lives, as they won't change their lives to fit your store. Ensure you have an excellent ecommerce site with Citrus-Lime, showing all of your products, with flexible delivery options, and click and collect.

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