Good things come to those who wait... or not.

The idea that 'good things come to those who wait' is not something you hear people talking about anymore.

Modern society is more about instant gratification, with technology enabling this in a way we have never had before. We have instant access to all forms of information via a device that we keep on our person virtually all the time.

Whether it is settling an argument or finding a product, Google is our go-to place to get the information we need.

Even my kids who are 6 and 3 will tell me to 'Google' it if I don't know the answer to their incredibly specific questions such as, "Why do some birds have wings if they don't fly?" or "When are we going to learn to breathe underwater?"

As ridiculous as those questions are, we cannot deny that we now live in a world where people have access to all the information they need. When people cannot get that instant information they get frustrated and lose patience.

"If I stand round the corner from your shop and search for one of your products, will Google tell me I can pick it up from you? Do you offer customers the information they need at their fingertips?"

If we apply these rules and traits to how people interact with retail, it means when they are looking for a product, they will buy what they can find. They need to be able to find those products as available for them to buy from you, otherwise the likelihood is that they will find those products elsewhere and you miss that sale.

This makes it essentially a race between retailers to meet the customers' needs first. The winner will take the sale.

If you want to create an easy, convenient way for people to shop from you, there are a couple of key things to do.

You need to be showing all of your products as available right now and to buy both in-store and online, with flexible delivery options including Click and Collect. That way people get the information they need when they want it and can use is as they see fit.

If you build it, they will come.

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