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This will be a bit niche for most, but if you've ever bought a second-hand jigsaw, you'll know what I mean.

My friends call it Jigsaw Roulette, because you never quite know what you're going to get. Frequently, pieces are missing and sometimes you also get pieces from an entirely different jigsaw. The likelihood of successfully completing the puzzle is pretty minimal.

Trying to make a complete picture from a hotchpotch of different jigsaws can be a nightmare. So can trying to make a complete retail system with POS from one provider, Ecommerce from another, various widgets to give you the functionality you want and multiple integrations to get them all working with each other.

It's so complicated, they all talk different languages and update at different times, breaking integrations which can result in loss of functionality for a time. There are so many points of failure, it can be costly and frustrating to first of all find the problem, never mind fix it.

• • •

If jigsaws are your thing, it's well worth investing in a complete jigsaw puzzle for greater enjoyment and satisfaction.

Similarly, it's well worth looking into how you can get everything you need from one provider, to get one complete system. It reduces points of failure, makes keeping up-to-date much easier and relieves a lot of the frustration of managing various components.

If that makes sense to you, then check out the complete end-to-end retail solution from Citrus-Lime.

There isn't anyone else that can provide the whole system, helping you make your business more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

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