Managing stock is a task in itself, but making sure it’s on your website as well as the shop floor can be enormously time consuming. This is especially true if you’ve got to manually type in the details of every item of stock you hold in to your ecommerce site.

It’s a 24/7 world

In today’s digital age, your website is a key sales channel. It’s normal for customers to buy things from you at nine o’clock at night, so making sure that what your website says is in stock, is in stock is crucial. Otherwise, you end up with disappointed customers who bounce off to shop elsewhere.

Knowledge is power

Also, knowing when inventory is running low or getting insight in to which products are (or aren’t) selling isn’t easy if you’ve got to cross reference several systems to get answers.

All you need in one place

We get that. Which is why we’ve developed the End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution. It’s an integrated EPOS system, designed specifically to save independent retailers time, energy and effort.

Starting with Cloud POS, you can manage your inventory quickly and easily, while Ecommerce gives you an impressive online presence. The integration of Ecommerce and Cloud POS also prevents you from over selling stock, which is particularly useful if you’re a multi-site business.

Match them with a handy Click & Collect service and a hassle free tool that automatically activates fully optimised item descriptions on your website and you’ve got a game changing piece of kit.

Tie it all together with a customer loyalty programme and reporting tools that monitor everything across your website and shop floor and you’ve a better understanding of how you can maintain margins. In a nutshell, the End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution takes the hard work out of retailing.

Stay current and connected

You’ll always have the latest version without having to pay for it and there’s free, ongoing support so you’re never left wanting. It’s an affordable, joined up platform designed to help you run your business in a smarter way. And, because it’s all interconnected, you can start with the basics and add to it as your business grows.

Stay in control. Get in touch now.

“We looked … there isn’t another retail system out there that cost-effectively delivers the End-to-End solution like that of Citrus-Lime Cloud POS. It doesn’t seem to exist.”

Paul Trepte – Trekitt