Activate products online to motivate in-store visits.

These days, when you are thinking about using your time and money on a new purchase, you'll almost certainly start researching your options online.

Of course it is true to say that a proportion of those online browse sessions will result in a purchase for home delivery but, especially when it comes to trying something on for size, it's hard to beat a visit to your local retailer.

The first thing you need to do (after investing in Citrus-Lime Ecommerce with Click & Collect, of course), is commit to making product activation a vital part of your regular business processes.

If you don't have all of your inventory online, you are basically telling potential customers "I don't have what you are looking for" ... even if the opposite is true. It's increasingly likely that the customer will simply buy from somewhere else rather than swing by your shop. This is easily avoided with the right product set-up strategy.

We can help you improve footfall to your shop.

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"Rather than a threat to the high-street, online commerce should instead be viewed as fuelling its renaissance. This is particularly true for Click & Collect."

"Browsing and paying online then collecting in store is not only convenient for the consumer, it's giving retailers two bites of the cherry as impulse buying in store is highly likely when a consumer arrives to collect their goods."

5 Simple Steps to Success

Reduce the chances of that (privately crushing) moment when a customer walks into your shop sporting a new jacket you know they could have, but didn't, buy from you ...

  1. Invest in Citrus-Lime Ecommerce with Click & Collect.
  2. Commit to getting all of your inventory set-up online.
  3. Get Connor cracking with a Managed Google Shopping Campaign.
  4. Collect as many email addresses as you can (eReceipts are brilliant for this).
  5. Use the Citrus-Lime Design Team to drive a regular Email Marketing Campaign.