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People used to talk about two distinct types of shopping; online or in-store. Internet retailers and bricks and mortar retailers were judged to be two separate sides of retail, competing for the same customers.

Shopping habits have changed. It's now clear that people don't want to choose, they want the best of both worlds. People want the ease of browsing online wherever they are and the convenience of being able to quickly pick up items.

Click & Collect meets this need, finding customers online and bringing them into store. It's a popular option that helps to attract more customers and keep them coming back to buy from you time and time again.

Benefits for your customers Click & Collect Online Only In-store Only
Browse online anytime, anywhere
Check stock availability anytime, anywhere
Buy and pay anytime, anywhere
See and feel products in person
Try items for fit and feel
Face-to-face time with an expert
Receive purchase immediately
Guaranteed successful shopping trip

Click & Collect is essential for independent retailers who want their bricks and mortar store to thrive. It boosts sales, cuts out delivery cost and delivers fantastic customer service to the local community.

Offering Click & Collect has a direct impact on your business. 85% of people who visit stores to collect their order, buy more and, in turn, spend more.

Click & Collect improves the shopping experience because it's quick, easy and convenient. It's an effective way of attracting customers to your store, generating sales and providing great customer service.

Click & Collect is hugely popular. Even in Lockdown, Click & Collect has continued to rise in popularity. A combination of online and in person, it suits the way people now shop.

5 big benefits of Click & Collect

  1. Drive sales online.
    Providing the option for your customers to Click & Collect increases online sales, attracting customers who are looking for that service. It's an extra string to your bow as a retailer, another valued option for your customers that keeps them coming back to buy from you.
  2. Increase footfall in-store.
    Click & Collect is an effective tool for getting people to visit your shop. This creates the opportunity for you to build on those relationships and make sure they think of you next time.
  3. Boost in-store sales.
    Inevitably, once people are in the store, something will catch they're eye and they'll end up buying extra items. Barclaycard research shows that 85% of people who Click & Collect make an additional purchase when they're in store.
  4. Customers spend more.
    The extra purchases customers make when picking up their order lead to a higher total spend per customer. This makes Click & Collect transactions more valuable, because they're more likely to lead to more sales.
  5. More profitable transactions.
    Click & Collect orders are also more valuable because there isn't the cost of delivery eating into margins. If you're one of many Retailers who don't pass the full cost of delivery onto customers, or offer a free delivery service (well worth it), saving that delivery cost has a direct impact on the profitability of each transaction.

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