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Joined up thinking for an End-to-End Retail Solution

Juggling the day-to-day commitments of running a business whilst maintaining a work/life balance can be tricky.

If you've got a retail system that's made up of kit from different suppliers, you may find that the separate elements don't like talking to each other. When things go wrong, you've got to manage conversations with several providers to sort things out - all of which takes time.

What you need is a retail system that works with you, not against you. Citrus-Lime's End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution is a one-stop-shop for running your business.


Cloud POS

Cloud POS forms the basis of the End-to-End Solution. From this you can add our other solutions to suit the needs of your business and develop your ambitions. It's full of useful features to help you keep track of your stock positions so you never low run low. You can also keep your eye on what's selling, what's not and how long it will take to deliver stock. You can even place special orders on behalf of your customers.

The benefits of connecting with your suppliers are obvious. Being able to set automated re-order points simplifies your inventory control, so you have eyes stock location and availability.

Cloud POS is continuously updated so you always have the latest, most advanced version, meaning it evolves with you rather than you having to keep paying to upgrade. Full training and hardware are provided, while ongoing support means you'll never be left to just get on with it.


Integrating with Suppliers

By linking to your suppliers you can see up-to-date supplier stock levels which is perfect for customer special orders and easier purchase ordering.

AutoSIM is a unique solution that automatically adds short and long descriptions, along with technical specs and images, to product listings. Its saves masses of time because you don't need to key in all this information yourself. Instead, the fully optimised product listings are uploaded directly to Cloud POS and your website at the push of a button.



Whether you've got a website already or you're thinking about it (we can build you one if you like, by the way), Ecommerce makes sure your products are in front of customers 24/7. Your customers can see exactly what is available right now because Cloud POS provides real-time stock updates. This is proven technique to increase store footfall and drive sales.


Click & Collect

Built-in to our Ecommerce offer, Click & Collect is quick and convenient. It's one of the easiest ways to attract extra footfall to your store. Research has shown that 85% of customers who come in to store to collect items, spend more whilst there. Something definitely worth thinking about.


Cloud Reports

Included free within Cloud POS, Cloud Reports provides intelligent, easy to read data that helps you understand how your business is performing. You can check where your sales are up to, identify your best - and worst - sellers and make smart decisions about achieving margins and reducing discounting.


Customer Rewards

Everyone loves a bargain and Customer Rewards offers that from the very first purchase. The scheme encourages loyalty by giving customers savings on future purchases, both online and in-store. This is a really handy way of securing future sales.

Best of all, the End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution is affordable and really easy to use. It makes space in your life so you can get on with doing the things you love.

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