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Focus on your customer

Life in lockdown has significantly changed our day-to-day lives and our priorities. That's altered the kind of products that customers need right now.

Have look through your whole inventory, and think about what your customers might need or want at this point in time.


Get your message out loud and clear

Lots of businesses have closed their doors for the time being, people might assume that you have as well. Do your customers know that you're still open? Do they know you're still delivering? Really clear communication is especially important right now.

Consider using a panel on the homepage or a banner throughout the site to make your message clear.


Make it easy for people to find what they need

Normally a homepage tends to be full of aspirational products and the exciting new stuff. Consider highlighting Lockdown essentials on your homepage, such as products related Home Fitness or warmer weather - change your homepage promotion panels to direct people to the relevant sections of your site. Even though they might not the usual big ticket items that normally drive conversion, they likely are right now.

You could also have a special section in your navigation to help people find Lockdown essentials from anywhere on your site.


Make it work for you

If you are a Star Buys user, create bundles of products that make sense for people to buy together right now, based on what you think your customers' current needs are. This increases the average order value, boosting turnover and helping that all important cash-flow. Adding in old season stock helps you shift those products, freeing up some cash and making happy customers who feel like they've got a deal. Just make sure you're keeping a close eye on your Achieved Margin in Cloud Reports.

If you're not yet using Star Buys, speak to the Citrus-Lime Support Team about getting started.


Creative problem-solving.

How can you make it easy for your customers to get their orders without contact? Think about different delivery options and how local collection might work without contact.

When distance from other people is top priority, offering effective solutions here is a must.

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