Cate Barnes

Marketing Manager

UK Government recognises value of Click & Collect.

Click & Collect is vitally important at this time of year, even more so during this period of heightened restrictions when non-essential Retailers are to close, except for delivery to customers and Click & Collect.

This is a lifeline to non-essential retailers, and shows that the value of Click & Collect is recognised at all levels. Outside of Lockdown, Click & Collect offers lots of benefits to you and your customers. It's incredibly popular, boosts sales and saves you money.

"Consumers who are now completing their shopping online are doing so to avoid people (48%) and for convenience (46%).

This indicates that for many, the pandemic may impact consumer behaviour in the long term, even as shops reopen."


The way people shop has been gradually changing over time, however this year in particular has seen a significant transformation. Coronavirus restrictions have generated greater consumer confidence browsing and buying online, as people look to shop safely and conveniently.

Customers are far less likely to pop into a store and spend time browsing round all the stock on display to see if there might be something they want to buy. This stage of the buying process is now happening online.

The modern customer journey can be broken down into 3 main questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. How much is it?
  3. How can I get it?

If you ask a friend to buy a product, chances are the first they will do is reach for their phone and start searching. The best websites enable customers to browse available products, see more detail and learn more about them, and choose how to buy and get hold of their new items.

This might mean that they choose to pop by because they can see you've got the item in stock, or they might Click & Collect so their trip is guaranteed to be successful. They may choose to buy online and want to see a range of delivery options.

Regardless of how the purchase takes place, availability and convenience are crucially important factors.

The internet was once seen as the arena of discount retailers, only relevant for those willing to compete on price. As people's buying habits have changed and convenience has become a priority, Ecommerce isn't just a valuable opportunity for Independent Retailers, but a vital part of serving your local customers. Here's why:

  1. Customers care about convenience.
    It's a top priority for the majority of people when shopping, especially during the festive season.
  2. Click & Collect is hugely popular.
    It guarantees a successful shopping trip, and is faster and cheaper than delivery.
  3. Boost sales online.
    Click & Collect increases online sales. It's another valued option for your customers that keeps them coming back to buy from you.
  4. Drive store footfall.
    Click & Collect is an effective tool for getting people to visit your shop.
  5. Increase in-store sales.
    50% of people who Click & Collect make an additional purchase when they're in store.
  6. Customers spend more.
    The extra purchases customers make when picking up their order lead to a higher total spend per customer.
  7. More profitable transactions.
    Click & Collect orders are also more valuable because there isn't the cost of delivery eating into margins.
  8. Better customer service.
    Click & Collect empowers Retailers to serve their local community better, meeting the needs of modern customers both online and in-store.
  9. Inspire loyalty.
    Click & Collect ensures that shop continues to be a hub for your local (and sometimes not-so-local) customer, keeping your business fresh in their mind.

"Click and Collect is a big part of our revenue. If you turn the website off, the shop revenue would go down massively. Huge."

Tom, Working Class Heroes Owner.

Citrus-Lime Click & Collect.

Baked in to Citrus-Lime Ecommerce, our market-leading Click & Collect solution has one key element that distinguishes it from the rest of the pack. The seamless integration between Citrus-Lime Cloud POS and Ecommerce makes it possible to show real-time accurate stock positions and location on your website.

This is really important to customers because they can see what's available to buy right now. It has a direct impact on store footfall as people are confident their trip to your shop will be worthwhile. It builds trust in your business, and increases sales - retailers on average see a 20% increase in turnover when they implement our Click & Collect solution.

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