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Sometimes it's obvious when the external situation changes and affects sales, like what we're currently experiencing.

Other times it's not so clear, and it can be tricky to understand what the effect will be at the end of the season. This is where being able to access good data is key to making smart decisions.

Citrus-Lime Cloud Reports helps you to keep your finger on the pulse. You can quickly see when something is flying out the door, or when sales have slowed so you can start to take a look at the reasons why.

Identify that something has changed

Weeks Cover forecasts how long it will take to sell through your current stock, based on your rate of sale. If that number is really low, you'll run out of stock before the end of the season and might want to get in on the reorders. If that number is too high you know you're going to have a lot of stock left over at the end of the season, that you're unlikely to be able to sell at a good margin.

Determine the cause

Taking a look around might show you that someone is running a promotion that's taking a proportion of sales. If it's a short sale you might decide to hold the line, knowing that the sales are likely to return to normal levels soon. If it's a longer promotion, you can scrutinise your Achieved Margin, and decide to sacrifice a small amount of margin to motivate sales, rather than losing a lot of margin in order to shift aging stock further down the line.

Maximise your margins.

Those informed, considered decisions throughout the season are key to raising your average Achieved Margin across the season, increasing profits and giving you more to invest at next buy time.

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