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What is the modern day customer journey?

We now have more information at our fingertips than ever and it is easier for us to access that information due to the fact that we carry a pocket encyclopaedia everywhere we go.

These mobile devices give us access to everything on the web and we have come to rely on them for information.

"It would appear to me that the modern day customer journey begins with a quest for the information we need before making that all important purchase."

Grant Hadwin   |   Head of Sales & Marketing

If you were going to buy a product (bike, saddle or waterproof), how would you do it?

I can guarantee that 9 times out of 10 people will start by pulling their mobile phone out and then begin searching. Now they won't buy the first item they find, and there is normally a fair bit of research that goes into that type of purchase. However, I can guarantee that the internet is pivotal to the process. Once the research is complete and the reading finished, they will start to look at availability; 'where and when can I get one?'

It is important, as a retailer, that at this point that you need to be visible to all potential customers. You have to present the product they want, at the market value and offer it to them at their convenience. This means you have to show all your stock as available online. Your competitors will.

Give yourself the advantage by adapting to consumer habits, preventing this situation from having a negative impact on your business. I prefer to stay positive and optimistic, so focus your ambition and concentrate on going after your local population. Show them what they can get from you right now.

The importance of an Ecommerce site

I hope we agree that a good Ecommerce site is essential, enabling you to reach all potential customers and show them what you have in store as available to buy.

What's next? Product setup. You need to give your potential customers everything they need to make that purchasing decision. It takes time, there is no way around that, so why not let Citrus-Lime do the legwork for you with selected brands?

Our Auto-Activation service optimises products to automatically activate on your website at the point of having stock, either in-store or when the supplier has it in stock!

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