Managed Google Shopping Campaigns will inspire in-store visits.

You know you're doing well if your brand name becomes a verb. I like to hoover. I don't Dyson. But I like to hoover with a Dyson. Well played, Hoover. So, if you need a new hoover you might Google for a Dyson. Or you could make do and mend. You'll probably need Sellotape for that.

Anyway, the point is that, regardless of how a transaction takes place (in-store or online), modern window shopping begins with a google. A google on Google.

So it is vital that your products are present on Google ... otherwise a customer can't easily, you know, google them.

A Managed Google Shopping Campaign will help to improve more aspects of your business than you might immediately appreciate, too. As well as direct sales, a well-managed campaign will help increase the footfall to your store and improve sales in the process.

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7 x Extra Google Shopping Campaign Benefits

Beyond direct sales happening as a result of being found through Google Shopping, a well-managed campaign results in all sorts of additional boosts and benefits for a retailer.

Here's 7 x extra benefits to a well-managed Google Shopping Campaign ...

1. Increase your business' Online Visibility

This helps everyone but is particular valuable to those starting out with ecommerce for the first time because Google gives authority to sites with lots of inbound links (which a new site won't have). Google Shopping enables you to get in front of potential customers sooner.

2. Increase the volume of Click & Collect orders

It stands to reason that the more people your products get in front of, the more likely they are to sell. Assuming you're set up for Click & Collect, it stands to reason that a proportion of your sales will be via this method.

3. Increase Footfall to your store

As well as Click & Collect driving customers in-store, there is a large proportion of customers that live within travelling distance of your shop and will use your online stock availability as a determining factor in whether or not to swing by.

4. Increase In-store Sales

When running a well-managed Google Shopping Campaign, there will be an increase in the number of customers that visit your store and so an increase in your sales. It won't be obvious that they are there because of your campaign because they aren't there to complete a Click & Collect order. Start asking new visitors how they found you (most will answer that they "I found you online").

5. Increase in-store Items Per Transaction

When customers come in for something specific, they are ready to buy. Strong merchandising and a well-timed recommendation will drive additional items into a willing shopping basket.

6. Maintain a Higher Margin per item sale

Getting your product in front of as many potential customers as soon as possible will ensure that you clear your inventory faster. Fast moving inventory doesn't have time to degrade into sale and then clearance. A well-managed campaign will ensure that your advertising spend returns for you at a better rate than any discount-led promotion will ever do.

7. Increase your Email Marketing List size

For every transaction completed online or in-store, you have the opportunity to gather an email address. Email Marketing remains a critical communication and sales tool for successful retailers.

"Rather than a threat to the high-street, online commerce should instead be viewed as fuelling its renaissance. This is particularly true for Click & Collect."

"Browsing and paying online then collecting in store is not only convenient for the consumer, it’s giving retailers two bites of the cherry as impulse buying in store is highly likely when a consumer arrives to collect their goods."