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The main benefits of a customer loyalty programme are well-established so there's no need to go into detail here. Loyalty schemes create more repeat customers, more sales, and better profits.

Beyond this, Customer Rewards offers a number of extra advantages. As part of the End-to-End solution from Citrus-Lime, Customer Rewards is baked into Cloud POS and Ecommerce. It's easy to set up and manage as part of the simple, all-in-one platform.

Read on to see more benefits and to hear from one of our retailers on how they use Customer Rewards.

  1. Set your own rules.
    You can choose how customers earn points, how much points are worth and how long they last for. Being able to change these at any point means you've always got total control.
  2. Quick and easy set up.
    Some loyalty platform can be quite a project requiring lots of input from initial design to managing the program in day-to-day business. With a simple set up you can start using your loyalty scheme straightaway with minimal effort.
  3. Create special promotions.
    Promotions are great for driving sales by offering extra points on a particular item, range or category. This is a brilliant tool which also helps to reduce discounting and increase profitability.
72% of adults in Great Britain think loyalty programmes are a great way for businesses to reward customers.

A little while back (in the glorious days pre-Covid) I sat down with one of our customers to find out how his business makes the most of Customer Rewards, the simple and effective loyalty program built-in to Citrus-Lime Cloud POS and Ecommerce.

A keen business mind, Tom got down to figures straight away. Here's what he explained to me:

Tom: "We've got Customer Rewards set quite high at 5%. Well worth it."

Cate: Why's that?

Tom: "Well, the cost of acquisition for a new customer is high anyway, so if you've already got a customer, you give them 5% off their next purchase, it's actually quite cheap customer acquisition there."

Tom: "And they can never quite get rid of the balance. If they spend £100, they get £5 on their Customer Rewards account. They then come back and spend whatever, £100 again. You take the £5 off but they still get 5% on the £95 they've paid. They can never quite get rid, so they've always got points to spend."

Tom: "There's a high usage of Customer Rewards points - it's very good. It helps build our brand. Our customer retention rate is high. Probably because of the way we communicate - we have the right stuff at the right time which Cloud Reports helps with. And Customer Rewards helps a lot with retention. I would say, up to about 30% a day are repeat customers, which is alright."

Customer Rewards is quick and easy to set up and maintain because it is built-in to Cloud POS and Ecommerce. Creating promotions with Customer Rewards for specific products, ranges or categories drives sales without excess discounting.

47% spend more when they are part of a loyalty programme.
Adults in GB. YouGov

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