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Sustainable growth with Citrus-Lime Cloud Reports.

You might think that's a bold claim, and you'd be right, but I'm willing to back this one because I've got proof.

Our customers have used the Citrus-Lime platform to do just that, and point to Citrus-Lime Cloud Reports as an essential ingredient of their success. Cloud Reports gives you total control of your business with intelligent seasonal reporting that informs everything from buying and planning to everyday pricing.

One customer has increased their turnover from roughly £200,000 to £3 million over 7 years with Citrus-Lime, whilst maintaining profit.

That's increasing their turnover by about 30% each year in a sustainable way, with healthy achieved margin and good profit.

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Here's what our customers' say about it:

We find the system a fantastic benefit to our business.
Eamon - Owner, Altitude Cycles
It's a phenomenal tool. On a day-to-day basis for several things: identifying stock that isn't doing anything so you can get rid, identifying stock that's doing the business so you can go a fill your boots on the re-orders, working out day-to-day pricing and overall strategy as well. It's just essential for projecting forward.
Tom - Owner, Working Class Heroes
We now know what we've got, know what sells - it's helped us take the business where we want to go.
Dan - Owner, Ride Bikes

Citrus-Lime Cloud Reports has been built by retailers, people who have been where you are now and know exactly what information you need.

It includes key analysis, based around a simple retail philosophy that leads to sustainable growth and success.

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