Cate Barnes

Marketing Executive

Apr '20

Right now, virtually all your customer's attention is online. Will they find you there?

Now we've adjusted to life in Lockdown, people are spending considerably more time (and money) on the internet. It's now clear, just how important it is for your shop to be online.

If you want to get online quickly and effectively with zero upfront cost, you need Citrus-Lime.

An effective Ecommerce site shows real-time stock positions, so customers can see what you've got available for them to buy now. Delivery times are extended currently, as essential items take priority and couriers are under increased demand, but that doesn't mean people are more patient. In an ideal world, whatever we've just bought would instantly materialise before us.

As things are, when it comes to delivery and collection, the sooner the better. Visible stock positions indicate reliability and less time between purchase and receiving the items, creating trust in your business. Consumers crave that convenience, and the majority prefer to collect in store where possible. Click & Collect has become a key player for effective retail businesses.

"Click & Collect orders have increased by a whopping 268%."

(April 2020 vs April 2019)

With any new Ecommerce site, the biggest investment of time is in setting your products up online. Citrus-Lime Ecommerce is packed with time savings features to help. The king of these is Citrus-Lime Auto-SIM...

AutoSIM is our unique managed web listings service., providing fully-optimised product listings for select brands, complete with descriptions, image and tech specs where relevant. I say select, but the number of brands now available on Auto-SIM is vast Far too extensive to list in this article, you can check them out here.

AutoSIM dramatically reduces the time it takes to get items active online. Typically, items are live within minutes of first booking the stock onto Cloud POS. You can start selling straight away, without admin delays, meaning you can make the most of the excitement around new season stock. This reduces the over-hang of stock that ends up marked for clearance at season end and greatly increases the chances of achieving better margin on every transaction.

Getting your stock online fast means more sales, at a better margin, for greater profit.

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