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Cut hours of time with SIM

Supplier Integration Module

Whether you've been rushed off your feet with unexpected demand, managing with reduced staff or looking for different ways to engage your customers, there are lots of challenges for independent retailers right now... and it's not like there was a load of spare time to begin with!

We've worked very closely with independent retailers for more than 20 years, so we get the level of demand on your time as a business owner. It's why we've developed so many time-saving tools throughout Cloud POS & Ecommerce.

The best of all of these is our Supplier Integration Module, SIM.

SIM streamlines every day retail processes that use supplier data so you can get work done faster and spend less time at the computer. We've partnered with hundreds of brands and suppliers to bring huge time-savings and enhanced data for independent retailers.

Your till system has been my extra arm during this crazy lock down period and if I hadn't had SIM or a fully integrated system I would have given up and closed the shop. Your system saved me.
Phil Wilkinson | Store Manager - E-Bike Capital

Better with SIM:

  • Rapid item creation.
  • Faster purchase orders.
  • Efficient customer special orders.
  • Keep data accurate and up-to-date.
  • Quick item set up online.
  • Automatically activate items online.
  • Start selling as soon as stock is available.
  • Remove delays and sell more.

The boom in online shopping and Click & Collect has kept retailers busier than expected, as people are spending more time online and less time out and about browsing. We understand the demand of independent retail and that keeping an Ecommerce website up-to-date can be time-consuming.

AutoSIM, our unique managed web listings service, dramatically reduces the time it takes to run a good Ecommerce site. Keep your site up-to-date, accurate and with all your freshest stock, so the online sales keep rolling in and you have time to focus on other things.

Creating product listings.

A good product page has all the key info as well as short and long descriptions, images and technical specifications where relevant. On average, it takes one person about 5 minutes to create one listing, gathering all the info, writing descriptions and finding images.

When you think about the hundreds of products you sell in one season this is quite a task. Not to mention when the new season stock drops and of course you want to get that online and in front of your customers ASAP.

AutoSIM has thousands of complete, optimised product listings ready to go live on your website. We've partnered with more than 200 brands to provide accurate web listings, cutting out hours of work.

AutoSIM saves a huge amount of time normally spent creating product listings. This makes it far easier to manage your Ecommerce site, and much faster to get new stock online for your customers to buy.

More than 51,850 complete item listings on AutoSIM

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Activating products online.

The sooner stock is active online, the sooner your customers can start to buy and the more sales you generate. Those early sales at the beginning of the season are usually the most profitable as folk are happy to pay full price, instead of waiting for sale time.

AutoSIM will automatically activate items online when stock is available, cutting out another job and ensuring you're making the most of the opportunity online.

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