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Finding the right technology to support your business can be tricky, balancing functionality with design and then trying to make it all to work together.

Citrus-Lime provide the complete end-to-end retail solution.

Everything you need from one place, designed to work together. You don't need to worry about getting your website to talk to your stock management system, or what to do when you upgrade. Everything is taken care of, and regular free updates ensure you've always got the best technology supporting your business.

The best retail software serves your business goals as well as your customers' needs, answering those key questions:

Do you have what I want?

When can I get it?

Showing live stock positions and offering flexible delivery options on your website means shoppers can easily find what they want, where and when they can get it.

Citrus-Lime Cloud POS and Ecommerce is fully-integrated, so when you book goods in to your shop, they show on your website.

The power of this is that your stock is visible and easy to find for both online shoppers as well as those in your local area, who are looking for a product that they can pick up nearby.

Click & Collect offers the speed and convenience customers are looking for, and gives you a chance to sell more in store when they pop in to pick up their order. Citrus-Lime Ecommerce comes with a multitude of benefits, including a Click & Collect solution that's baked in to the platform.

As retail becomes increasingly focused on the customer experience, offering these services is key to remaining competitive.

Alongside this is the need to create sustainable growth without sacrificing margins and profit. The key to achieving this is a simple retail philosophy based around monitoring your Weeks Cover and stock turn, and increasing your Achieved Margin. This ensures you can massively increase your turnover, whilst protecting your margins and keeping your profit healthy.

Citrus-Lime Cloud Reports gives you essential insight into your brands and how they perform for you, informing everything from buying and planning to everyday pricing. Get total control of your business with Citrus-Lime Cloud POS and Ecommerce.

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