Isn't it great when things just work?

This is, arguably, one of the greatest adverts of all time.

Creative, clever and painstaking to get everything right. The parts are not designed to work together in that way.

There are multiple points of failure throughout this where parts interact to make it work. Because of all these, it took a mind-numbing 606 takes to film this. Points of failure are risky, inefficient and troublesome, which is why it's best to avoid them, in favour of systems that are designed to work together.

The Complete Retail Solution from Citrus-Lime minimises points of failure, because it's all been designed to work together.

Cloud POS and Ecommerce work in perfect harmony, giving you fast, accurate and reliable stock control, order processing and customer records. You can add whichever bolt-on modules your business needs, with the same reassurance that they are designed to work together.

No trouble getting your Ecommerce platform to speak to your stock control system, no painstaking retyping orders into different systems, just easy, efficient and intuitive retail systems that work for you.

Our fantastic team of developers have been working very closely with retailers for the last 20 years, refining and improving our offering to create the best product for you.

You can now get the complete retail solution from Citrus-Lime at

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