Understanding and embracing 'convenience culture' really does help to shape the decisions you make about the future of your retail business.

Pushing all the waffle to one side, there are Three Simple Questions that all of your potential customers ask before clicking the Buy Now button on your site or getting off the sofa to swing by your store.

As long as you have satisfying answers to all three of these questions, you're in really good shape for building a modern and profitable retail business. Luckily, the answers are simple, too ...

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Q1. Do you have it?

Required Answer : Yes.

The majority of retailers pay good money to be online but never commit to getting all of their inventory set-up. This is a real opportunity for you to steal a march. Make getting everything you have to sell online a business priority.

This is the age of convenience and virtually all shopping now begins with a browse around online. If the consumer can't see it on your site, they assume you don't sell it.

Q2. How much is it?

Required Answer : Competitive.

There's no denying that if you offer the lowest price, you'll sell through all of your inventory. Equally, this strategy (if you can call it a strategy) also guarantees that you will run out of money fast.

We recommend focussing instead on being competitively priced on a range of products that aren't commonly discounted online and then seeking to retain customers you've acquired through intelligent campaigns and exceptional customer service and experience.

Q3. When can I have it?

Required Answer : Whenever works for you.

In this age of convenience, you need to offer a solid range of options to meet customer expectations. On top of offering flexible home delivery options, Click & Collect demonstrates a commitment to customer service and experience and one that online-only retailers struggle to achieve.

What's more, for every Click & Collect order placed online, there are at least ten other customers using online stock positions to give them the confidence to make the journey to your store.