One of the biggest killers of time is product information. Finding it, entering it in to your system and on your website, then keeping it all up-to-date. It’s a job that can really eat in to your day (and night).

Having tools that save you the time and effort of entering data manually can be a godsend. They free you up to concentrate on other areas of your business, whilst taking care of an essential part of running a busy store.

Product data at the push of a button

The Supplier Integration Module (SIM) allows you to import supplier item info directly in to Cloud POS.

With SIM, you choose the suppliers you want to integrate with and filter, select and import details such as the RRPs, cost prices and barcode/EAN’s in a matter of seconds. We work with 39 different suppliers on over 88,000 products across the cycle, outdoor and equestrian sectors, so quite a list.

All you have to do is push a button and your suppliers’ product data will populate your database with details that you can use at the Point of Sale, during purchase order creation and transfers.

Smart product info for your website

When it comes to your website site, listing product details can be enormously time consuming. While supplier data is a real benefit, it’s not always in the same format and doesn’t contain all the information you need to give customers the best possible online shopping experience.

This is where AutoSIM comes in to its own. Available through our Ecommerce Solution, AutoSIM automatically activates your website’s product pages the same day stock is booked in to Cloud POS.

You don’t have to spend hours researching item descriptions and typing them up on your website. In fact, there’s nothing required from you at all, AutoSIM does everything automatically. This means you can get on with other things while AutoSIM promotes your products for you.

The advantages of getting your stock online quickly means you have the longest possible window to promote it. Your products are in front of customers at the beginning of each season, when excitement peaks, so you have the best opportunity to sell at full margin. It also means that you can capitalise on consumer interest with ‘live’ stock, which is available to buy right now, reducing the prospect of end of season discounting.

The information for each item is researched by a dedicated team of optimisation specialists who gather the extra product data and present it in a uniformed format so that your website is consistent across all product pages. The details are fully optimised so that they can be found when ‘Googled’ and contain:

  • Short descriptions
  • Long descriptions
  • Technical specifications
  • Colours
  • Weights
  • Sizes
  • Images

This tool isn’t available anywhere else on the market. It works seamlessly in the background, so all you need to do is get on with the rest of your day.

If you need to free up your time to concentrate on your business, AutoSIM is the tool you need. It’s fast, accurate and reliable.

AutoSIM makes a great deal of sense, to show brands to their full potential and drive sales, and save acres of time. Hats off to whoever`s idea it was. It feels like the future.

Peter Sant – Director, Northern Field & Stream Ltd