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Cut the spend you don't need.

Save time and money every day with Supplier Integration Module.

For independent retailers with a tight team, the last thing you want is you staff tied up working on product admin. Citrus-Lime Supplier Integration Module (SIM) slashes the cost of managing supplier data and frees up time for more important work.

It might not be the first thing you think of when looking to reduce outgoings, but it's worth considering streamlining as there are substantial benefits.

Think of all the processes that use supplier data: creating items, raising and placing purchase orders, managing customer special orders, creating and managing web listings. The amount of time spent copying or rekeying supplier info, as well as keeping that data accurate really adds up. Managing masses of supplier data swallows valuable staff time.

With SIM Retailers can speed up all of the processes that use supplier information, saving both time and money every day.

"Integration with suppliers is fantastic. It means you buy more new stuff from suppliers because you know it's not creating more work for you to book it in. It's saving us a lot of time."

Jon Snowden, Vive Le Velo.

Easy Ecommerce.

It takes about 5 minutes to set up each product on an average Ecommerce site. Citrus-Lime AutoSIM saves hours and hours of work by importing complete product listings managed by our specialist SIM team. The benefits don't stop there, AutoSIM will automatically activate products on your website when you book them onto Cloud POS.

AutoSIM dramatically speeds up the time it takes to get products online, giving you a longer window to sell before season end. More sales earlier in the season means more sales at a higher margin, and less stock overhang when it comes to sale time.

Save time, spend less and sell more with Citrus-Lime Supplier Integration Module.

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