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It tells you, based on your current rate of sale, how long it will take you to sell through all of your stock.

Selling through your seasonal stock at the right time, when there is demand and your achieved margin is high, is key to creating a profitable business and generating sustainable growth.

Let's look at an example Spring/Summer season and say it's 26 weeks long. At the beginning of this season the ideal Weeks Cover would be 26, meaning that if you kept a steady rate of sale you would have sold through all of that season's stock. Great.

Hang on...

..."If you kept a steady rate of sale"

We wish!

The world doesn't quite work as neatly as that.

The Weeks Cover report in Cloud Reports makes it so easy to keep an eye out, so you can see straight away when your rate of sale slows down.

That allows you to make little adjustments throughout the season to help keep your average achieved margin high.

Check out the video for a bit more info and to hear how retailers have used Weeks Cover!

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