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A good workshop is a satisfying place to walk in to.

Fully stocked with all the tools you might need, in good condition and within reach. It means you can do a good job, without any frustrating and costly delays.

The same is true for business. If you've got all the tools you need, you can tackle any problems that might come up.

What tools do you use to run your retail business?

I like to think of Citrus-Lime's solutions as a complete and intelligent workshop, containing all the tools a business needs to generate success. Our team has a lot of retail experience, and have specifically designed our products bearing in mind the problems often encountered by independent retailers.

I often come across retailers who find it tricky to get an accurate and up-to-date report on how their business is doing - essential information to help you ensure you get that all important return on investment.

Ask yourself, "What is your breakeven point?", "What brands are achieving the highest margin for you?" and "How often do you turn your stock?"

How easy is it for you to answer these questions?

As part of Citrus-Lime Cloud POS you get Cloud Reports - a gold mine of up-to-date information at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere on any device.

The 'dynamic duo' from this comprehensive set are the Weeks Cover and Margin by Brand / Department reports. Essentially, these two will tell you your sell-through rate, and what is your 'achieved' margin. Meaning you can easily identify both your best sellers and your worst, which both require action.

This is such a valuable tool for any business owner, meaning you can confidently decide what to buy (and what not to buy) because you've got the data to back up your decision.

Cloud Reports is just one tool in our extensive workshop. Years and years of retail experience has gone into designing Citrus-Lime's simple but powerful system, creating solutions to the problems we often encounter in the independent cycle industry. Every business is different, facing their own unique set of challenges

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