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Fortune favors the bold.

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Getting started with Cloud POS is simple:

Online shopping is a disruptive force in the USA. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of every purchase begins online.

In 2020, 256 million shoppers spent $431.1 billion online. By 2025, ecommerce in the USA is forecast to reach $1.3 trillion.

For those with a more traditional approach to retail, these are worrying times. We understand that staying on top of your business is challenging. Finding moments to focus on growth can be difficult. The need to modernise often fails to become a priority.

At Citrus-Lime, we believe that independents like you make shopping exciting. You build the brands we love, teach us about new products and help us get the most from the things we buy. We want to make sure that you aren’t left behind as the pace of change in retail increases.

We love the choice that Independent provide and we are on a mission to ensure that you continue to be a vital part of the retail experience for many years to come. Using our End-to-End retail system, Cloud POS, you feel in control and confident in your ability to drive new levels of success.

You probably haven’t heard of us before today. That’s OK. We’ve been delivering retail solutions to the UK for over 20 years now and, with over 50 talented team members, we’ve grown a lot since Cloud POS debuted in 2016.

Despite the typical challenges of new technology, Cloud POS was quickly adopted by the forward-thinking retailers who had grown frustrated with how unnecessarily difficult their current systems had become.

Now the preferred choice of many, Cloud POS has grown to become the dominant retail platform for Cycle Retailers in the UK. We’re fast approaching €2bn of processed retail transactions, and we’re looking to bring Cloud POS to you now ...

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We understand that change can be uncomfortable. After decades of experience gained by helping retail companies make meaningful progress, our skilled team is ready to guide you through the process of becoming part of the growing Cloud POS community.

Retail has changed forever and consumers expect more from their favourite stores than ever before. To remain relevant to your customers and grow your audience, you need a modern stock control system that delivers accurate stock levels to an integrated online store, Click & Collect as standard and a wide choice of payment methods.

Failure to modernise increases the chances of you being left behind as customers find new and more convenient places to shop.

Cloud POS makes it possible for you to continue to deliver great service in a world that is evolving rapidly. While others remain stuck behind tired, old software (and the fear of change), Cloud POS will help you to gain a competitive advantage, reach more of your ideal customers and stay in control of your business as you grow.