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Team Cycles' StoryIncreasing sales, knowledge and confidence.

"We'd done bits on Google Shopping in the past, but it really didn't work for us. We had a fear of spending money and not getting the return to make it worthwhile. Now we know what we're doing and it's a big part of our strategy."

Team Cycles' Story

"I'd be nervous about another company managing our Google Shopping because that feels like outsourcing all of a sudden. Citrus-Lime have got the whole package, everything we want."

Citrus-Lime have knowledge of what's going on in the market place. It gives us the confidence that who we're dealing with really knows what they're talking about.

We've become more knowledgeable as we've been working with Citrus-Lime. We know 1000% return on investment (ROI) works. We've proved it.

It's been an educational process really. The level of service is good, very good. Every question is answered.

Team Cycles' Story

We know exactly where we are because of the weekly report from Citrus-Lime. We know how much we've sold, what we've spent and what's been selling without even having to look at the sales.

Honesty and integrity about the services Citrus-Lime offer has been really important. In any relationship or partnership trust is everything, and you only get that through honesty.

Team Cycles' Story

About Team Cycles

Team Cycles began as an idea between two cyclists that wanted something more out of cycling. The idea became a plan on a November ride in 2012, on a coffee and cake break outside this very cafe.

This photo adorns the wall of the meeting room at Team Cycles impressive Gateshead store. Rows of gleaming Trek & Whyte bikes invite customers to discover their new ride with support from the friendly staff.

Team Cycles' vision is to serve the whole North-East community with a superb bike shop where everyone is welcome.

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