Fully integrated ecommerce

Instant stock updates

When you activate an item in your point of sale system, it automatically uploads to the website, ready for you to add more information to. Prices, manufacturers & stock positions from each of your stores and suppliers update automatically 24/7.

Marketplace integration

Not only is the platform integrated to the point of sale system, it's also integrated with Ebay and Amazon. Providing your business with a means to sell to an even broader customer-base, on websites with enormous amounts of traffic.

Click & Collect

Multi-store stock

Display the live-stock from each of your stores online. Customers actively seek to validate your claims of an item being "in stock". Displaying your stores' stock levels for all to see shows a customer they can trust you to fullfil their order.

Boost store footfall

Naturally, not everyone who looks at your stores' stock position online, will buy online. We've found an increasing number of people check the stock online, so they can make a journey to the store. It's increasingly likely that if you do not have click & collect, that your stores' footfall may not be at it's potential.

Supplier integration

Sell your suppliers' stock

Supplier integration allows you to sell items from certain integrated suppliers' stock-levels. Even if you don’t have it in stock, you can still make the sale. Ideal if you're own stock levels have been depleted.

Quickly import product information

Import product information from your suppliers. Import product descriptions, technical specifications and sizing charts; saving you hours of work throughout the day/week.

Courier Integration

Super-charge your efficiency

In 2017, one of our clients using Courier Integration Module, despatched an average of 182 orders every day with an average team size of just 2.5 people. On their busiest day, they despatched 1,041 orders with a team of only 6 people.

Improve customer experience

One of the key questions customers ask before completing an order is "When will I get my stuff?". Our courier integration module provides clear despatch and delivery dates, so your customers get peace of mind prior to checking out.

Customer Rewards

Reward your customers' loyalty

Besides offering an outstanding shopping experience, from click-to-unboxing, one of the biggest incentives for a customer to re-purchase is a discount off future purcahses. With Customer Rewards, your customers are given rewards points based on the value of the order. You can assign a standard rewards percentage e.g. Spend £10, get 50p in rewards. As well as assigning multiplier discounts on products from brands you wish to encourage customers to purchase.

Responsive Design

Mobile-first, completely responsive ecommerce

Your customers browse and shop using an ever-expanding collection of devices. From Smartphones & Phablets to Laptops and Desktops, it's no longer so cut-and-dry that Joe Bloggs down the road will get in the car and make the 5 minute drive to your shop. Empower your customers regardless of their device to purchase from you with ease.

Find & Filter

Industry-leading search & filtering

Poor product disccovery is one of a number issues which users may face along their user journey to find the right product.

Offer your customers a multitudinous number of ways to discover products, using a facet-led system which offers a large number of ways to reach a product. It's a powerful tool in your retail arsenal.

Personal service, online.

We build and design ecommerce sites to meet the needs of today's customer. As an independent retailer, your personal service and knowledge of the local catchment area, is often your key selling point.

A website is an extension of your store, brand and philosophy — so it's important to choose a business who understands your industry and how an independent retailer works. We're dedicated to producing the right look and feel with all the functionality required of a modern ecommerce website.

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