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Regular updates, no hidden costs.

We constantly research emerging technologies and trends, as well as analyse platform data to stay ahead of the trends. We use this information to move our existing products forward, develop new functionality to improve the day-to-day running of your business and help improve & protect the long term health and profitability of your retail empire.

Whatsmore, once you have Cloud POS and any modules which accompany it, updates are free.

Smart Inventory Management

Take the headaches out of managing your product

Having appropriate stock levels for demand is a crucial aspect of maintaining a profitable business. Among a vast array of features, you can raise purchase orders based on the re-order levels and re-stock points you set, so you can be sure that you miss out on sales.

Managing the accuracy of your product database with stocktaking — which can you do from within our Stocktake App (available on iOS and Android) — as well as inter-store transfers maintains transparency regarding the whereabouts of your products.

Our Supplier Integration Module goes one step further, by allowing you to import product data and sell supplier stock from your store. Read more about SIM here.

Customer Management

Stay compliant & Communicate better.

Maintaining a close relationship with your customers is crucial in encouraging repeat customers. You can turn a customer into a brand evangelist — a true fan. You can track customer spend, manage details & rewards points and send emails/SMS communications, right from your POS system — All whilst staying compliant to GDPR.

Supplier integration

Sell your suppliers' stock

Supplier integration allows you to sell items from any of your integrated suppliers' stock-levels. Ideal if you're own stock levels have been depleted.

Quickly import product information

Import product information from your suppliers. Import product descriptions, technical specifications and sizing charts; saving you hours of work throughout the day/week.

Courier Integration

Super-charge your efficiency

In 2017, one of our clients using Courier Integration Module, despatched an average of 182 orders every day with an average team size of just 2.5 people. On their busiest day, they despatched 1,041 orders with a team of only 6 people.

It's achieved by providing your dispatch team, among other features, with the ability to quickly and accurately pick-and-pack orders and printing courier-specific labels.

Customer Rewards

Reward your customers' loyalty

Besides offering an outstanding shopping experience, from click-to-unboxing, one of the biggest incentives for a customer to re-purchase is a discount off future purcahses. With Customer Rewards, your customers are given rewards points based on the value of the order. You can assign a standard rewards percentage e.g. Spend £10, get 50p in rewards. As well as assigning multiplier discounts on products from brands you wish to encourage customers to purchase.

Workshop Module

Encourage repeat business and increase profit.

At its core, the workshop module is a people and services management tool. It's aim is to encourage repeat business by providing slick workshop-customer communication tools as well as improving technician efficiency. In turn, this helps turn a workshop into a profit centre for the store.

Cloud Reports

Your retail data in the Cloud

Cloud Reports — which is free with Cloud POS — truly is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal and you can use to maintain and build your business into the future.

Drive your business forward by discovering key areas of the business, such as identifying your best salesperson, most profitable channel, department or brand and then using that information to make decision making a more informed process.

Any concerns? We've got them covered.

Staff training and support are top priorities of ours. We as a team have an invested interest in the success of your business. We've a passion for the products and services we provide having all played a part in developing the services you receive.

The Helpdesk

Even after training there's bound to be a few things that are forgotten. This is easily solved by a quick conversation with the support team. After all it makes sense to have a 5 minute conversation with us rather than spend an hour trying to work it out yourself.

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