Reward your customers' loyalty with points based on spend, which they can redeem against future purchases.

Customer Rewards is our very own points based loyalty scheme.

Discounting strips out profits but is sometimes a necessity at the end of season or to compete on sale days such as Black Friday. With customer rewards you avoid straight discounting. Instead, by giving rewards you not only give away less margin, you give it to those customers most loyal to you.

There are two main ways that Customer Rewards protect margin.

1. On average 25% of points earned get redeemed. This means customers have been incentivised to buy by the points offer, but for one reason or another they haven't used their points, therefore you have sold an item at full price and not lost any margin. And this will be the case three quarters of the time.

2. With Customer Rewards you give away product, not money. Products are perceived as more valuable to the customer than they are to a retailer. A T-Shirt selling at £10 is worth £10 to that customer, whereas you will have paid cost price. Therefore you can offer better incentives for less cost to yourself.

The benefits don't stop there

Results have also shown increased sales when customers return to spend points. Customers who are using Customer Rewards on average have higher transaction values where points have been earned.

Proportionally vouchers account for only 20% of the total transaction. Therefore driving sales when gained and when redeemed.

With Customer Rewards we can look after our loyal customers, encouraging them to return time after time

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Why use a Customer Loyalty scheme?

Customer Rewards is a simple add-on to your ecommerce and retail store allowing you to manage where and how many points you reward

Still not convinced?

Offering rewards gives back to your best customers who shop with you regularly. Customers only receive the benefit when they return to your store. Meaning only loyal customers receive the benefit.

Data collection is underrated within a lot of retailers. Customer Rewards relies on an email address and gives the customer a reason to want to give you their details. Knowing who spends what with you enables you to target customers with promotions and products they are interested in and identify your "best" or most valuable customers to ensure they stay with you.

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